Blessed Are Those Who Are Gentle

Take control. Be your own person. Make your own way. Trust yourself. Follow your passion. Shout your ________. Don’t take no for an answer. Assert yourself. Do your own thing. Look out for number one. Reach for the stars. Be your own person. You are your own judge. Get what is yours.

Matthew 5:5 (KJV)
5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

What does it mean to be meek? This is not a word that is in common use today. I don’t think too many people have a favorable view of this word. It conjures up the phrase “meek as a mouse.” Suddenly we picture a mouse cowering in the corner, scurrying away at the slightest sound or movement. As Christians, are we called to cower in the corner and either accept or run from everything done or said to us or in front of us? Is this what it means to be meek.

The King James Version was translated in 1611. It and Shakespeare defined modern English. Many still use this version, but we must be aware that the meanings of words change. Translators of other versions have translated this Greek word as gentle or humble. These are words are more familiar.

The Beatitudes reveal the proper values of the “kingdom of heaven.” Jesus calls us to a life of gentleness and humility.  You do not see these character traits championed in our culture. Our culture has become increasingly angry and confrontational. It is not just that we disagree, people have always disagreed. Our disagreements have become increasingly angry and uncivilized. Does Jesus call us to look at life differently? Can we treat others differently even if we are in conflict? I think Jesus would say so. He calls us away from a life of pride and self-promotion. However, He is not calling us to fear and defeat. He is calling us to humility and gentleness. It is not the strong, the powerful, and the self-interested that will inherit the earth.

The challenge before us is to hear, follow, and obey. Is it time for an attitude check? Are you living your life according to kingdom principles?

What change do you need to make in order to be Christlike?

I humbly come before you asking You to continue transforming me into Your image. Remind me daily to be humble and gentle. Lead me to love others and treat them with respect even when we disagree or are enemies.

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