Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

I don’t mind watching professional team sports, but there are things about it I do mind. I hate all the gloating, bragging, showboating and self exultation. I find it curious that we accept it from professional football players, but frown on this behavior in almost all other situations. Why is it so offensive? Do we try to refrain from this behavior based on our reaction to boastful behavior in others? What does God say about the values of His kingdom?

3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.
Matthew 5:3 (CSB)

20 Then looking up at his disciples, he said:
Blessed are you who are poor,
because the kingdom of God is yours.
Luke 6:20 (CSB)

To whom does the kingdom of God (heaven) belong? The poor in Spirit. Does that mean that it does not belong to those who are not poor in spirit? What is the difference? We can come to God on with our own assets, or we can come to God with no personal assets. Which is better? I find that I really prefer to have my own skill, talent, and accomplishments. Why? I don’t know. I am used to producing, so I am sure this ebbs over into my spiritual life. But, is anything I do in my own strength useful in God’s kingdom? Does He need my help? Is there a way I can justify within myself my own worthiness? The gospel tells us no. We are made in God’s image and it was very good, but it was all ruined. Only Christ can bridge the gap. I must come to Him, not on my own ability and merit, but in complete poverty of spirit. Only then can Christ redeem me and bring me into peace and fellowship with God. That is when I enter the kingdom. Only then can I live a life founded in kingdom living. Only through humility and poverty of spirit can I receive the riches of God’s grace and presence. Only then can I live a life that reflects God’s kingdom values.

So what are we to do to embrace this principle? What pride and self-preservation is keeping is keeping us from humbling ourselves and bowing our hearts to the Father.

The change in attitude and thinking begins here:___________________

You are holy and righteous, yet You draw me near. Open my eyes to see and soften my heart to accept the truth about myself. Show me my own self-reliance. Transfer my reliance to You and open up the reality of Your kingdom in my life. Forgive me for any pride or hardness of heart. Teach me about Your kingdom and its value system. Give me grace to live out your kingdom principles.

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