A Woman’s Testimony

How does a woman who must come to the well alone, apart from the other women and has 5 past marriages become the one who would go into her town and proclaim Christ to its inhabitants?

John 4:39 (ESV)
39 Many Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me all that I ever did.”

We first see the Samaritan woman coming to the well to draw water. She is the only one mentioned and Jesus approaches her. Her solitary visit and the hour mentioned may reveal that she does not come at the normal time when all the other women are coming to draw water. This may indicate that she is not in a great place in her relationship with the other women. She is a woman who has been married 5 times. We do not know the details of these past marriages, but we can conclude that she has experienced a great deal of pain and failure. She is currently with a man to whom she is not married.

She has an encounter with Jesus. After this encounter, she goes into town. The same town was full of people she is avoiding and who know her character. She tells them all Jesus said and they believe her and come to believe in Him. He later comes into town and spends two days there and many more believe.

What transformed this woman from an outcast to an evangelist?

What happens during the encounter? First, Jesus approaches her. I have addressed this is a previous post, but I think it is lost on us just how revolutionary this was. Jewish men simply did not talk to Samaritans or women. To do so was a grave error and was to be avoided at all costs. Second, He promises this “living water” that changes everything. It quenches that which is deep within. It is a promise of life that is eternal. Then, He knows her history. He was not part of their community and could not possibly know these things. This is what she proclaims as she goes back into town and tells everyone about Him. Next, He includes everyone in the ability to worship God. Worship of God will no longer be limited to a place or a people group, the Israelites. It will be open to all who seek Him in spirit and truth. Lastly, He reveals that He is the Messiah. The Messiah was promised and was to come to free the people from oppression.

What has He revealed to you and done for you that should bring about a similar response? Have you given thought to just how unique Christianity is that we have a Messiah who knows everything about us and does not exclude anyone from his offer of eternal life? Think about and distill out a narrative to proclaim the message of hope that is in Christ. How can you then take this message to others with the intent that they would believe?

How will you respond today?

Complete this sentence. Today I will____________________________________________

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