My mom was a genealogist. She spent her middle life and retirement years researching our family histories. She did this for her line and my father’s line, and for the lines of the grandchildren. She loved it. She knew that many others walked a path prior to our arrival and have some impact on our lives today. She talked about some of our ancestors is if she knew them.

Read Matthew 1:2-17 and Luke3:23-38

There are all sorts of people in Jesus’ lineage. The list contains both men and women. There were several people with questionable characters. There are prostitutes, murders and self-absorbed egomaniacs. There were a few non-Israelites. Most we know nothing about. But, they are all there listed by name. What does this show us? It shows that Jesus had a very real human ancestry. Jesus came as both God and man. He was “the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us(Jphn1:14). Jesus was not just an idea or a spiritual force. He was real flesh and blood.

Also notable in both genealogies, is that Jesus came from the line of King David. Why is this important? The promise of the coming Messiah was that he would be a descendant of David. Anyone who was not from his lineage was excluded. It was a simple first test. He was the Messiah, the promised one who would come and reconcile us to God and place a new heart within us.

Our journey starts here. It starts with the fulfillment of the promise of His coming. It starts with the reality of both His deity and His humanity. It challenges us to respond in an appropriate manner. We are to respond to Him uniquely. He was not just a moral teacher or a social justice warrior. He was the Promised One, sent to redeem lost humanity.

Will your response be one of faith?

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