Examine Yourselves

Defining God to our own expectations has become the most prevalent religion in the United States. It is common to hear “I cannot believe in a god who…….” The result is that we either throw God out because He is not who we want Him to be or we just redefine Him according to our wishes and find a place to worship (or not) that agrees with us.

2 Corinthians 13:5 (CSB)
5 Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith. Examine yourselves. Or do you yourselves not recognize that Jesus Christ is in you?—unless you fail the test.

Test yourself. How? The Bible is very explicit about the nature of God and the work of the Trinity. There exists passage after passage that lays out the world as He has created it and intends it to be. There is no ambiguity about His character. It is clear the life of holiness we are called to live. Jesus and the New Testament writers leave us with no doubt that we are loved and that we are to love. The Bible tells us what love is. Can all this be reconciled? Can we pick and choose the things we agree with and throw out the rest?

Many things have been debated for centuries, but many things have not. My encouragement to you is that you let God be the one who to define things. He is the one who communicates His nature. Are we unwilling to accept it? He is the one who holds the world together and allows it to continue. Is that OK with me? He is the one who decides what must be done to be saved and what it means to live out the character we were created for. He is the one who decides right and wrong. He is the one who decides eternity. Are we willing to accept His authority?

This is a real struggle for many people. Ultimately we must let Him be God. A God that we define according to our understanding and expectations is smaller than we are, not larger. If we can not save ourselves, how can something we have created save us? So, test yourself. Are you willing to let God be God and to bow down to Him? If you have defined God the way you want Him to be, are you part of the faith? You may be or you may not be. I am not trying to heap fear and doubt on you. But, it is wise for us to periodically take stock of our faith. Am I part of the faith? Do I know why I am or am not? If I am, am I walking in a manner that reflects His character? If you find that you are not part of the faith, it is time to become part of the faith. You may not know how to find God, but He can find you. You need but ask.

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