Blessed are the pure in  heart

I sit here watching a 14-month-old. I amazed at how happy she is. I caught myself praying “Lord make me that happy” She is delighted every time she sees one of the people in her life. She laughs and dances to music. To say she is content may not be accurate as she is constantly trying to escape past the boundaries (walls) we set up to fence her in safety. When did we lose this simple interaction with life? A life of contentment and joy.

8 Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.
Matthew 5:8 (CSB)

What does it mean to be pure in heart? How can we have a heart that is unspoiled and unadulterated? I know that my heart is plenty of contaminated. The call to God is a call to purity. How can we set aside all the impurities that mar our soul? The path to purity can only be attained one way. Doing enough good works to counterbalance the bad works is ineffective. We instinctively know that despite all the good we are responsible for, we cannot erase the mistakes and misdeeds we have done. How are we to escape this? Are you like me? Are you constantly plagued by memories sins, mistakes, and missteps? I know, time to see a counselor. But, what is the spiritual perspective? There is only one road to purity. It is forgiveness. We can never be whole in and of our selves. We cannot escape our failures. The only way to be free of them is to be forgiven and cleansed. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, the life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.” We must humble our hearts and throw our selves on His mercy. We must confess and turn from our sins. We must seek and accept Christ’s forgiveness. He will make us clean. We do this as we begin our walk with God, but how do we continue our walk with God? How do we stay pure? We must desire God. We must live lives of confession and repentance. We must allow Him to cleanse us and reshape us. This is what it takes to see God.

So where are you today? What sin do you harbor (no, what sin are you beating yourself up about that has been forgiven – that is pride)? Have you confessed and determined to go another way? Have you cast yourself on God’s mercy and asked for forgiveness, cleansing and to walk in a new way?

Today I confess______________. Forgive me. I want to see You. Draw me near. Give me the heart and the ability to submit to the Holy Spirit so that I can walk in your presence and in Your ways. Make me like You.

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